Thursday, August 16, 2012


Practice Thanks

Ron Edmondson suggests 7 ways to be a more thankful person:

Gratitude lies at the heart of being truly a person of God. Think about it - gratitude implies that someone else is responsible for what we have. Why should I be grateful for what I earned? I am grateful for what I am given.

If someone else is responsible for my blessings then from that must spring selflessness and humility. This is like Jesus.

If we are truly grateful, then we will always count the other as more important than ourselves for they are the source of what we have. This is the heart of Christian character.

I am tankful for the opportunity this blog presents me. I am thankful for everyone that reads it - few though they are. I am thankful that God, in some small way uses me. I am grateful that God loves me.

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