Friday, August 03, 2012


What Place Social Media?

Paul Steinbrueck @ CWT:
weekly church social media chat #ChSocM has been providing some good fuel for blog posts recently and last night’s chat about social media and denominations was no exception.

It’s no secret that denominations are on the decline. Most mainline denominations are losing members. Meanwhile non-denominational churches and non-denomination para-church ministries are continuing to grow. I believe much of it stems from the rising value in Christianity to work together where we agree.

Offline, I can work with you to bring food and the gospel to people who are hungry without agreeing with your view of baptism. I can join with you for a city-wide evangelism event without first needing to agree with you on end-times theology.
WOW - where to begin with this grossly oversimplified view of things.

First off, the mainlines have worked together on local social justice projects like soup kitchens, etc for decades. I don't know where this guy gets off saying that such projects is one of the reasons the independents are thriving while the mainlines are dying.

Secondly, this view implies that theology of baptism and eschatology are not important things for the church. They are very vital tings for he church, though I agree they have a proper context.

But then we get to his essential thesis - that social media can be a platform where cross denomination conversation can be fruitful - but of course - all conversation is useful.

From the wrong to the obvious in pursuit of a thesis worthy of good discussion.

That's the internet for ya!

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