Monday, August 20, 2012


Why Do We Ask Questions Only God Should?

Justin Taylor asks:
On What Basis Will God Judge Those Who Have Never Heard?
Can I be honest? - I am appalled at the very question. Who are we to ask God how He is going to judge anything? I mean really! The question itself attempts to put us in God's place. Think about it - if we understand God's judgement on these matters then we are in some sense God.

This is not meant to be an "It's a mystery - get over it" dismissal of the question. Rather it is an effort to illustrate that mysteries are part of being a creature, not the creator.

Contentment with that which we cannot understand is part of what it means to submit to God. Increasingly I think it is the point where we transition from spiritual childhood to spiritual adolescence - when we stop trying to figure out God and instead just lay down in front of him.

Do you think your dog worries about why you picked him and not some other mutt at the pound? Nope, he just takes the food you give him and enjoys lying at your feet.

Yeah, I know, we are smarter than dogs. But we are not smarter than God.

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