Saturday, September 01, 2012


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Nothing strikes terror into the heart of the superheros like the MASTERMIND. Someone so smart that they are always a few moves ahead of the competition. Schemes, layers, plans. Such a mastermind is Calculator. Frankly, guys like this make MY brain hurt. Forget the wrong physics and the impossible stunts - the most impossible feat in any scheme story is to anticipate human behavior. Guys like Calculator do not stand a chance against the simplicity of human whim. But you have to love them for the sheeer audacity of trying.

I know a lot of smart people, and typically, the smarter they are the less they understand about people. Consider.

People are just not that predictable. If they were, politics would be an entirely different game. If they were, marketing would be an entirely different game. Which brings up the real point of this post. If you are really as smart as Calculator seem to think he is, why oh why does he turn to crime? I mean seriously, a guy this smart could become a marketing consultant and make far more money far faster than any old scheme to rob Fort Knox.

Come now, think about it - if you really understood people well enough to manipulate them in accordance with your grand scheme, you could manipulate them to buy Coke. Heck, if you are that smart, they might pay you enormous sums of money NOT to be a marketing consultant just to keep the playing field fair.

Honestly, if you are that smart and can manipulate people that well, think of the money to be made as a church consultant. I mean you could create the first Gigachurch! Oh, wouldn't that be lovely - hundreds of thousands of people showing up for church on any given Sunday morning. Consider the staff you could hire, the physical plant you could build....

But NO - our guy has to turn to crime. The hardest possible way to make money there is. Maybe he is not so smart after all.


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