Saturday, September 29, 2012


Comic Art

Steve Ditko created comic visual iconography - Spider-man. Spidey may have been created by Stan Lee, but he was drawn by Steve Ditko and the world was forever changed. He also give Doctor Strange his look and in DC land he gave us the ever popular Hawk and Dove. But Ditko had a few phenomenal misses in his portfolio as well. Among those was Speedball and his nemesis Bug-Eyed Voice. Yep - that's right, you heard me - Bug-Eyed Voice.

Go ahead, contemplate the character names and look at these images - are you going to pick this mag up off the rack? I didn't - not a single issue. By this point in his career, Ditko's visual palette had become stayed, even trite. His creativity, or lack thereof, speaks for itself. I have never read his bio, don't know what the story was. Do know that given what he did contribute to comics, he deserved a job doing whatever he wanted.

Just know I did not want to read this one.

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