Thursday, September 27, 2012


Disingenuous Comparison

MMI recently ran a post a photographic post contrasting technological advancements and then depicting the church as unchanged. Captioning the identical pictures are the following two sentences:
This is what a church looked like in 1956:

This is what many churches look like in 2012:
I find this very disingenuous. Technology is a tool - means to an end. The church is eternal, not merely a means to an end, but the representative of the end on this earth.

The church is meant not only to advance God's kingdom here, but also to hold, maintain and preserve God's truth. That being true, there are things about the church which should never change.

Consider the difference between the book and the movie. The medium changes the message, it changes the story - it must. When we change the church we risk changing the truth it is meant to maintain and preserve. Does that mean the church should never change? Of course not, but it does mean such change should be achingly slow and with enormous thought, concern, and prayer.

Certainly there is no room in such a process for such trite and flippant argument. There is simply too much at stake.

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