Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Looking For Hope

Lynne Baab:
So I kept listening, reading and thinking. I heard people use “hope” to describe a sort of vague wish. That wasn’t the kind of hope I was longing for. I heard people use “hope” in relation to upcoming events and plans they had, sometimes with a strong confidence that I admired and wished for. Increasingly I could see that hope is rooted in confidence. But where does that confidence come from?


Where does confidence about the future come from? From the power of God, which we see revealed in Jesus Christ. Jesus is our only hope for the distant future, for life after death, but Jesus is also our only hope for today and tomorrow. God has blessed me with so many good things all my life, and I can have confidence that God will continue that blessing the rest of today, tomorrow, next week and next year. Sure, that blessing isn’t always an experience of pure joy. Even in the hard times, God is present, giving the comfort of companionship and the redemption of pain.
As I read this poignant words, it occurred to me that hope is also something we must act upon to make it more than just a "vague wish." When we have a source of hope like Christ, worry ceases to be an issue.

In fact sometimes, we need to act like we have this hope and then let the feeling of hope come in the wake of the action. I an seen people do really stupid things in the name of "hope in Christ." That is not what I am talking about. But you do not want to wallow in a bad place becasue you have no hope. Get up, GO, act. You will find you have more hope than you thought.

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