Friday, September 14, 2012


No One Wants To hear This, But...

Samual LLoyd @ the Washington Post's "On Faith" feature:
In Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, and other mainline churches, “worship wars” have sometimes broken out as pastors introduce new language, furniture arrangements, and music, while many in the pews cling to the stately traditions they have known all their lives. I’m finding that quite a number of young people aren’t drawn to hand clapping and “praise” music and are increasingly intrigued by the beauty and sense of mystery in Gregorian chant and in a traditional Eucharist with hymns, candles, and vestments.
Brief analysis. The megachurch of my generation looks as vapid and empty and hypocritical to young people today as the mainlines did to us.

That means the answer does not lie in styles and forms; the answer lies in tapping into Christ and the Holy Spirit. LLoyd contends the church will shrink for a while - I agree. I just hope what comes out hte other end figures out what matters, and what doesn't.

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