Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Personal Pastoring

Dave Bish:
There is more to pastoral leadership than a podcast. This is my own reflection on Trevin Wax's thoughts

In recent weeks my pastor has been able to observe a behaviour in my life and offer quite specific correction and instruction, he's been able to deliver me specific and detailed encouragement about my own service of the church, he's preached God's word for me to hear as I've sat with the rest of the church at our church weekend away. He's prayed and prophesied and strengthened our faith.

He has prayed for me, and my family during a difficult week - which I know because he told me. He's probably also prayed for me and not told me about that.
If the church is not an institution, but the gathering of Christ followers, then leadership in the church should be more than leading it institutionally - it is a personal exercise.

We see less and less of this kind of leadership in churches becasue the less personal, the less we have to change. There is a sense in which the congregation drives the pastor into his office - they don't want the church to get too close to their lives. They do not want the kind of personal instruction Dave is talking about.

But why do leaders stand for that? It is not what you are called to. God will provide.

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