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Christian Post:
Doing outreach for a new church may seem like a normal activity, but for Michael Cheshire, senior pastor of The Journey Church of Conifer, Colo., it would include opening up a diner, sponsoring a racecar, and getting shot at.

These and other crazy adventures are recorded in Cheshire’s book How to Knock Over A 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training, an account of the experiences of the young pastor and his pals while planting a church in the rural Midwest.

“You have to believe God is telling you to do this,” said Cheshire in an interview with The Christian Post.
The line between pastor and media star is a thin one these days.

I return to what has become a tired theme around these parts. If we truly have the Good News of Christ - that will attract attention without all the falderall.

If you want to open a diner - do so - but if it is not making any money, do not call it a ministry and start asking for handouts. The problem with this kind of approach to ministry is that it becomes about the minister. It's supposed to be about Jesus.

The media is not the message, but ask yourself this - how often does the show get in the way of the music? Ask yourself this - 20 years from now are you going to be listening to Lady Gaga with anything other than nostalgia? I hope not - all show, no music.

If fact, I bet you will listen to Beyonce' "Bootylicious" the same way. But, I have heard some acapella Destiny's Child recordings, particularly of gospel music, that I be will be listened to for decades to come.

CHurch should be about the content, not the show.

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