Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Studies Can Reveal Just About Anything

Online evangelism is producing real disciples for Christ, according to a recent study.

Over half of those who made a decision for Jesus over the Internet have subsequently shared their faith with others, Global Media Outreach's study reveals.

Additionally, 34 percent read their Bibles daily and nearly half pray for at least 10 minutes a day.

"These findings are remarkable because they reveal that online evangelism isn’t just an in-the-moment decision, and people continue to grow in their faith after they have indicated a decision,” Global Media Outreach founder and chairman Walt Wilson said in a statement.
Please - daily devotionals and sharing make for "real disciples?" Don't want to knock these practices by any means, but they hardly constitute a measure of discipleship.

Do we see Jesus instructing the 12 on such things? No, we see Jesus shaping the 12 into men of Christ - and shaping some women too. This sort of shaping happens in part becasue of devotional practices, but it happens more from being in the presence of someone more mature and the 1000 little lessons that are learned through this presence.

Character is formed not through a curriculum, but through presence and the Holy Spirit. Look, I don;t want to act like the Holy Spirit cannot work through the internet - the Holy Spirit can do whatever He wants - that's part of being God.

I am far more concerned about what internet evangelism fails to ask of us. It doe snot ask us to be better than we were, it does not ask us to live up to the words we preach because it makes us invisible and anonymous.

The body of Christ cannot afford this kind of lazy evangelism - effectiveness is not the measure to be concerned about. The measure is in how we change by trying to be effective evangelists.

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