Saturday, October 13, 2012


Comic Art


If ever oh ever there has been a hero that suffered from bad villains, it was Daredevil in the early days. Amongst the many was The Owl. One of the most overused images all of comicdom (Think Watchmen) the Owl may be the most cliche. I like what this guy said:
Ah, the mighty owl! Is there a more majestic or universally feared creature walking (soaring) the earth today? Yes, and why someone, let alone two someones (including 1 Stan Lee), felt there needed to be a hero or villain based around the aspects of the owl is something that can only be answered in either man’s therapy sessions. Yeah, so… the Owl.
But wait! He said more:
Leland Owlsley. With a name like that, your future is pretty much locked in. Following some good old-fashioned retconning in order to cash in on some of that sweet mutant green, Leland possessed many of the physiological aspects of a bird. Naturally, this led him into the world of finance. Following successively worse hairstyles and the reveal of some of Leland’s less-than-savory business associates, Owlsley turned to crime as a full-time profession.
I can't outwrite that - 'Nuff Said!

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