Saturday, November 10, 2012


Comic Art


You can never get enough Nazi villain - never and Captain Axis is no exception. Yet another in a long line of evil Nazis, Captain Axis came too late to really catch on. He came as all the old guys were finishing making comics and with them the sensibility that Nazism was the most evil and destructive force in human history faded. Communism, in many ways a reflection of Nazi evil, never really caught on in the world of comics as a source for villains.

Even in the recent Captain America movie, uber-Nazi Red Skull had to become more. He did in the comics, but not during WWII. Comics are pop culture and generally more reflective than leading, but the fact that you don;t see guys like Captain Axis anymore kind of bothers me. Losing the memory of an evil like Nazism means it may once again rise.

Besides, Nazis were the zombies of their day - you did not have to worry if they were really bad or not. Put a swastika on a bad guy and let the beating commence. I kind of miss that to be honest. Zombies are too easy - blow to the head and your done. A known evil that requires the Hulk to administer the beating, and now you have something.

It's a shame really. A Hulk level Nazi would have been interesting. But alas too late.

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