Saturday, November 24, 2012


Comic Art


You would "think" that a guy so smart he could plot Reed Richards into a corner would have a better haircut than the Mad Thinker.

Some would have you "think" that Mad Thinker is one of Marvel's greatest villains. I "think" Mad Thinker needs a tailor.

This guy is no villain, he was an excuse for Jack Kirby to draw really cool, and reasonably abstract "androids," becasue let's face it, any guy that builds himself as the Mad Thinker is not gonna be real high on the physicality scale.

The androids are cool and if I worked harder at this I would investigate which came first, MT's droid of the Blockheads on Art Clokey's Gumby show - let's face it, they have a lot in common. Well, sorta, the Blockheads just wanted to get in Gumby and Pokey's way MT's droid is tool to help take over the world. (Cue "Pinky and the Brain" music.)

And what's with the "mad" in Mad Thinker. You would think a guy that fancies himself suitable for world domination would not consider himself insane, but it seems like comic bad guys always take the monikers with which they are hung, negative adjectives and all. I guess they are taking Tyrion's advice from early in the Game of Thrones books.

All I know is this, when I finally lose it and try to take over the world, I am going to have a much cooler name. better threads and DEFINITELY a better haircut.

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