Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I Wonder if the Holy Spirit Was Really Involved?

Christian Post:
A St. Louis woman is suing an Evangelical church over injuries she sustained when a fellow member caught the Holy Spirit and lost control of herself.

Cheryl Jones filed a complaint in December that while visiting the Disciple Fellowship Christian Church in East St. Louis, another member received the Holy Spirit and fell backwards, causing her injury, according to ABC News.

In the complaint, Jones mentioned that there were no ushers or other members to assist the lady who became overcome by the spirit. She blames the church for failing to protect her.

Would the Holy Spirit really allow injury?

What?! you think my question sacrilegious? I'm not being - it is a serious question. I believe that the Holy Spirit works - miraculously. But when He does, I do not believe He would do so in a fashion that results in injury, even the specious types of injuries that lawsuits like this generally involve. In fact, I think it is one of the ways we can avoid confusion between when the Holy Spirit is at work and when we think the Holy Spirit is at work.

Worse yet is the resort to litigation to resolve a dispute from something that apparently happened under the auspices of God. At best such matters should be settled in the church itself - but who are we, in the end, to question the actions of the Holy Spirit.

I take a lot of heat 'round these parts becasue I am highly suspicious of Pentecostalism. This story is chief among the reasons I am.
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