Thursday, November 15, 2012


Real Pastoring

Chaplain Mike examines Paul's second letter to the Corinthians and compares the credentials Paul put forth with those that were running rampant in the city. Paul's:
  1. We may not be the most eloquent speakers, but we will be real pastors who give you the real Jesus (11:1-6)
  2. We may not command high fees, but we will show you genuine concern (11:7-15)
  3. We don’t have a list of accomplishments to boast about, but we will boast about our weaknesses (11:16-33)
Now, here is the interesting question for me. We live in a age when the gatekeeping function of the seminary is often rejected. Many is the person that just hangs out th pastor shingle and gets busy after Bible College. Much of that change has been becasue the seminary used the wrong credential for gatekeeping. Fair enough. But are the alternatives doing any better - are they gatekeeping in accordance with the standards that Paul sets here?

I am not convinced. Moreover, I would imagine that most people feel unqualified to do such gatekeeping. After all, it places great demand on the gatekeeper. To hold people to such standards means we first must have met them ourselves.

Many ills beset the church. We are at the heart of one of theme here. And as always, it starts with ourselves. That is alwasy the hard part.
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