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Jon Acuff finally writes something that is not just silly:
The truth is, that’s what’s so frustrating to me about God. I want him to give me a to-do list. I want him to give me some action items, and he keeps refusing.

I say to him, “Give me a solution.” He says “I gave you a savior.”

I say, “Give me something that will fix me forever.” He says, “Walk with me today.”

I say, “I want a present from you that will change me.” He says, “I want you in my presence.”

I want a quick fix. I want actions. I want progress I can control and monitor. And instead, in the face of all of that, God offers me something incredibly simple.


Why? Because that is the only thing that will lead to renewal in my heart. All the plans I craft will eventually crumble. All the good intentions I might have will fall apart. All my willpower and discipline will abandon me in my greatest time of need. But one thing remains steadfast: My relationship with God.

It’s messy. It’s slower than I want. It’s not always the shape I’d like it to be because, though I know what I want, God is the only one who really knows what I need.
But the truth is, if I want my heart renewed, if I want my soul sanctified, if I want to be the new man God’s always known I could be, I have to trust in the relationship. I have to return to the relationship. I have to give all to the relationship.

Biggest problem is that we tend to turn that into a to-do list too. Are my devotionals long enough? What book of scripture do I read today? I've done 12 hours of church service this week....

That's not what God wants from us either - He wants us.

Now here is the hard part. You cannot keep up facades in a committed relationship. If you have ever been married, you know this. You cannot hide from God. He is going to make you look at those places in yourself that you do not want to look. He'll love you while you do, but you are going to have to look.

It's very, very scary stuff.

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