Wednesday, November 14, 2012


What Happens When You Meet God?

Where do we meet God face to face? And what kind of God are we expecting to meet? These are questions that has revolved in my mind all week as I have contemplated these words from Richard Rohr’s book Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality. 
We wil not trust spiritual power until we have experienced a God who operates in the same way, a God who is willing to wait, allow, forgive, trust and love unconditionally. p89
He goes on to say
Before encounter God is perceived as omnipotent power; after encounter God is perceived as humble love. p93

Meeting God face to face is the most earth shattering and life shattering experience imaginable, not because it reveals to us the power of God but because it overwhelms us with the love and humility of God. And in that encounter we are changed forever too. A true encounter with God leaves on us an imprint of the living God, an image that enables us to reach out to others with the love and compassion that is who God truly is. In meeting God face to face, we too become the face of God to others.

She is right about meeting God face to face being life changing, Nut I am wondering about the whole power v love thing.

For one thing, these attributes are not mutually exclusive. Love still know right from wrong and good from bad. Love and grace must certainly show us our faults, and will eventually condemn them. You see, love wants better for us. Love does not say, "It's OK to be a wretch." Love says, "You're a wretch, I will make it better for you."

Secondly, becasue God hs both attributes, we see both from Him when it is appropriate. Christ certainly demonstrated both in His earthly existence. God tells us what we need to hear. For the woman at the well, it was a message of forgiveness, for the money changers it was a different message altogether.

What will happen when we see God face to face is not a universal, it is a reflection of where we are and who we are.
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