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Ron Edmunson:
Worry is like a plague of our body. It attacks our mind, then our heart, and over time, it can consume our overall health. Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life.”
There is not a person my age that will not tell you they are astonished that we made it to this age - after all we rode bikes without helmets or knee pads. And yet, it was my generation that put their kids in helmets and knee pads when they got on their bikes! What's up with that?

It's simple, we worry. And it seems the more we have, the more we worry. My father grew up concerned about whether he would have any dinner that night. I grew up worried about WHAT was for dinner that night. In other words, I did not really have to sweat it, and yet, I worried.

It's easy to say that worry is a lack of faith, it is, but that's the easy one. I think given the escalating scale of worry we see in the world, it is more - it is an act of covetousness. We have so much and we hold it so dear that we assign it far more worth than it actually contains, and then we worry about it.

Then there is the fact that worry is a sign of sloth. Our lives are so easy compared to even my father's generation. And what do we do with all that leisure? We worry.

OK, so I have pointed out that worry is symptomatic of at least two of the seven deadlies - and I could keep going. What is my point? Simply, worry is far moe than an obsessive concern - it is sinful. Maybe if we thought about it that way, we would be less prone to it.

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