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Mark Roberts:
Why should we praise the Lord? Because his love for us is unfailing and his faithfulness never ends.

Notice that worship is not something that begins with us. It’s not something we rev up in our own souls. Rather, worship begins with God, with his love and faithfulness. Our worship is always a response to God’s initiative and grace. Most of all, it responds to what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. In him, we see and experience God’s unfailing love and enduring faithfulness.

Thus, Christian worship is always flavored by the Gospel, the reminder of what God has done in Christ.
I think that is entirely reasonable, so here is my question. How can we appreciate what God has done for us if we do not spend at least sometime examining our own sinfulness? No, really, that is a serious question.

All that happy,clappy joy that we so like bringing to worship is born from a single reality - we suck but God STILL loves us. The depth of that love, its completeness is absent without the realization that we are sinners - and pretty bad ones at that.

I wonder, if we fail to grasp the depths of our sinfulness do we not fail to grasp the immensity of God's love? And if we fail to grab the immensity of God's love, is not our worshipful praise empty?
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