Thursday, December 20, 2012


Church As Economic Engine

Todd Rhoades quotes a news story:
A mid-state mayor has a bold vision: mixing church and state and business. The mayor of Mt. Juliet said he plans to actively recruit a mega-church to their city to attract more Sunday afternoon business.

“What a boom that would be to our retailers- to have 3,000 or more people exiting church at 12 noon and getting lunch at Providence, or shopping at Providence or going to a movie or spending their day in some other form in Mt. Juliet,” said Mayor Ed Hagerty.
I guess it should not be surprising that when a church is built using economic models it would be used as an economic engine. Think about what this says about what the megachurch defines as success.

Is that how God defines success? If this is really how Christ intended His church to be, why did He come at a time when all these tools were not available to Him?

Something is terribly amiss. Terribly. This casts the church in role of amusement park of other entertainment attraction. Church is not an attraction. It is attractive, at least it should be, but it is not an attraction.
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