Saturday, December 22, 2012


Comic Art

The lengths to which comic creators will go can sometimes be comic. Consider CAPTAIN OMEN. You expect some sort of "bad luck" guy. You know, this guy shows up at the scene at Captain America's shield melts or some such nonsense. Until you realize:
Omen is an anagram of Nemo, to whom I'd have to ASSume he's an homage.
And then you begin to get the origin story (same source):
Captain Omen himself had no physical powers. In fact, he was a withered, hunched old man. However, he had access to a wealth of advanced technology and an army of superhuman warriors (The Infra-Worlders, (see below), and Aquon - whom he apparently genetically engineered). His immense submarine, the Infra-World, spent all of its time at a depth of 5000 fathoms (that's six miles to you and me, kids!), and apparently had means of producing oxygen, gaining new power, etc. (I'm also thinking they ate a lotta fish). The Infra-World, in addition to housing possibly hundreds of people, also had enormous tentacles able to reel in other, normal-sized submarines, or Hulk-sized people. It could utilize tractor beams and probably had other weaponry, as well. Captain Omen equipped the Infra-World with Vista Rooms, which projected holograms of the surface world for the Infra-Worlders. He also had metal gardens, complete with mechanical birds, so they wouldn't feel like they were missing anything.
Now it all makes sense, doesn't it? When you consider the appearance of his creations it all starts to make a certain sense. Somebody (Kirby) probably sketched these things up and needed a story to go with some pretty cool looking stuff. Which brings me to a point, much as I loved last summer's Avengers movie, and believe me I really loved it - something is missing. In some ways, reality just cannot look as cool as comics. A live action movie, even heavy in the CG, will never have the same look as what you see around you here. Even if they came close, there is a magic missing. With the success of the movies, I am very afraid the comics will become slaves to the movies. I hope not - they are an art form unto themselves. DC Comics has seen success with a lot of animation, and that animation does often capture this kind of appearance. Maybe, just maybe....


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