Monday, December 10, 2012


Maintaining Focus

Sometimes I get really irritated with Christian leadership advice.This post from Ron Ron Edmondson is a classic example. He goes on about how we tend to lose focus over time and then he lists three "solutions":
  • Keep retelling the vision
  • Keep practicing the vision
  • Keep sharing the impact of the vision with others
I cannot help but reflect on two very notable issues with this approach. The first is that our personal discipline leads to our professional discipline. If an individual is maintaining their focus on their devotional and prayer life then it will not be difficult to maintain their focus on stuff like this. This is true purely becasue discipline begats discipline, but also becasue the particular devotional disciplines open us up to the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, this advice is predicated on a model that says only the pastor holds "the vision." Hogwash. If the lay leadership of the congregation has not participated in the development of and holds dearly the vision, the vision does not have as hot. Church is a communal activity and the community better be on board. If you are in this alone - you have a problem.

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