Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Proper Use

Mark Roberts:
But Jerusalem did not use God's gifts for good, but rather for evil. For example, the Lord says, "You took some of your clothing to make colorful shrines and prostituted yourself in them" (16:16). The Hebrew word translated here as "shrine" is bama, which literally means "high place." In this context, it refers to the "high places" where pagans erected temples to worship their gods. The people of Israel had used the gifts God had given to them in the ways of their pagan neighbors, thus dishonoring God with the very gifts he had given them.
It is my firm conviction that nothing grieves God more than when we do bad things in His name. Scandal within the church, of any sort, does grievous harm the the aims of the church. And so the church often tries to cover it up.

But this only compounds the error. It has been made plain to us that the only way through sin is confession. The church must model it more readily than its adherents.

That we will sin and grieve the Lord is an inevitability. He knows that and we should know that. Hiding such simply denies reality. Christ came that we might have a way to deal with sin, and it begins with confession.

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