Tuesday, December 04, 2012


They Are Partners

Ron Edmondson posts "When Humble Does Forgiveness." Some examples:
Humble knows forgiveness.

Humble attracts the favor of God.
I think humility and forgiveness are partners. You see, one must be humble to seek forgiveness and one must be humble to grant it. The first part of that sentence I trust is obvious, but the second half may not be.

We can only grant forgiveness from two position. The first position is the position of the the blameless. Think about it, only God is blameless. The second position is that of fellow offender. While it is true that in a given circumstances there is a wronged party that is granting the forgiveness, even that party is not completely blameless, just situationally so.

Forgiveness becomes mandatory when we consider our own blame, that is to say we are appropriately humble.

If we lack humility we offer boon, not grace, and if we lack humility we seek not genuine forgiveness but instead just to make a problem go away.

Humility and forgiveness are partners.
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