Thursday, December 13, 2012


Why is this News?

Church Marketing Sucks went on and on for a period of time about "copy":
We’re launching a new series on copy. What’s copy? Any written communication, whether it’s text in a newsletter, words on a banner, a blog post from your pastor or signage on the wall. It’s all copy.


Copy is important because you can do so much more than just the basic and boring. The church has always used new advances in technology, from the printing press to the Internet, to advance the gospel. Now is an exciting time to do church because there are so many avenues to use copy and content, from social media to blogs to self-publishing. These are opportunities for the church to communicate and connect. Copy is used in some way in nearly every medium, from the words an announcer reads to the text on the video screen to the headline in a design. Copy is everywhere and so much of our communication relies on it. Brilliant design can’t save crappy copy, so you have to make sure it communicates.
It is stunning to me that people have to be sold that words are the most important means of communication. Check that, it's frightening.

With images and music one can cajoles, influence, and manipulate. But only with words can one argue. Moreover, Christ is referred to as "word." If the incarnation was meant to replace the word as communication, would Christ not have come when now?! Rather the Word was made flesh so that we could see the word in action - illustrated, not replaced.

Frankly, this is why education matters so much. The force of civilization, which is driven by religious impulse, is towards education and helping us rise above the mere image to the word. The fact that a blog has to convince someone that words matter may be the largest indictment of our educational system imaginable.

The church should be teaching people words, not finding ways around them.

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