Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Being Hospitable

Living at home in our internet and TV shrouded bubbles, I thought this reflection on the Road to Emmaus story by Chaplain Mike might be worth considering:
We must not think of this story as an encouragement to invite Jesus into our lives and our homes. That would be jumping the gun. If it encourages anything, it recommends kindness to the stranger, the neighbor who comes alongside us on the journey, who converses with us, and who would pass out of our lives if we fail to invite him in. It exemplifies the possibilities of making connections out of casual contacts, of finding friends in folks with whom we may only have fleeting encounters. The author of Hebrews tells us that we may “entertain angels unaware” when we welcome unknown guests and show them hospitality. Luke in fact suggests it might be the risen Lord himself!

The Emmaus disciples would learn soon enough that the stranger was Jesus. That would happen at his initiative, not theirs.

However, by showing kindness to a fellow traveler, perhaps they made a little more room in their hearts for the moment of revelation.

Who have you talked to lately?

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