Thursday, January 24, 2013


Christ and The Internet

For once, I agree with Al Mohler who writes:
At the same time, there are dangers. John Mark Reynolds of Biola University is cited within the article, and he addressed the danger inherent in these technologies: "How can the Christian Church utilize the tools media has given us without being subsumed by them? You don't want delivery to become everything."

That is a crucial issue. But the challenge should not be addressed only to churches. Research indicates that a significant number of Christians are tempted to allow these technologies to serve as a substitute for participation in a local church. This is deadly and dangerous for believers.
Simply put, the internet is too easy to walk away from - people are not. People are a messy business and the internet is a very convenient way to straighten things out. With the internet you only have to deal with the parts that have been straightened up.

But it is clear that God had something different in mind. If He just wanted to deal with the good stuff He would have stayed in the Temple. But He didn't, He incarnated and mucked about with "sinners and publicans." The internet is so tempting because it does not challenge us, but such is precisely what God has in mind.

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