Saturday, January 05, 2013


Comic Art

How, oh, how could I have missed this one? Some villains are funny, some are very serious, and some, well they defy categorization. That's where we are here today. But then they are foils for Howard the Duck and Howard pretty well defied categorization as well. These baddies are Band of the Bland. Yes, threatening the world with boredom is, well, vaguely prophetic seeing as they come from the 70's. If you think about today's hyper-media society, that is an actual threat. When a child needs a DVD to sit in the back of the car, well.... But then parody is often prophecy. You have here Sitting Bullseye - 'nuff said. Captain Angst - in today's society angst is a HUGE problem, and the Spanker. IN our corporal punishment averse world, need I say more. These guys were supposed to be funny, and they were back then (Heck I forgotten them....) But they are not so funny now But then comics are a reflection of society and these trends were evident even then.
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