Friday, January 11, 2013


Our Own Worst Enemies

Out of Ur links to a video. In it, the church lead "promotes" an upcoming baptismal service, complete with circling shark in the background. Said Url Scaramanga:
Most ministers are not as anti-humor as John Piper, but there is a line and Ed Young is about 300 yards over it.
Humor is not the problem - respect is. Somethings simply must be taken seriously. When we laugh at something, it means we are vary familiar with it. Respect means that we cannot become too familiar with some things. God is one of those things.

The sacraments are places where we touch just a little bit of God. OK, some would argue they are merely symbolic, but our symbols are important. They should be places where we open ourselves to God's touch becasue we set them aside as such. Humor os a way of making sure we "understand" they are "just" symbols. Which means we are never open to God's touch.

That's a problem
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