Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Both, And, Plus

Jeff Dunn @ iMonk:
Because of this, Mohler concludes that Stanley intentionally used this story to help “normalize homosexuality” in his church. Mohler then uses this story to say that megachurches may now be preaching liberal theology. (Many megachurches I have attended preach no theology, only self-help and motivational messages; but that is for another day.)

Let’s ignore what he has to say about megachurches. If you have read this site for more than two weeks, you know that we find many of these churches to be suspect at best for failing to point people to Jesus. And let’s ignore the issue of homosexuality, which continues to baffle even the most well-meaning disciples. (And I am not defending Andy Stanley in the least. Maybe he is trying to make homosexuality normal within his church. I don’t know.) What is the real problem with Mohler’s blog post? The problem is he missed the whole point of Stanley’s message: The tension between grace and truth.
Dunn is right - Mohler misses grace, not just here but in most of what he writes. But Dunn, in the rest of his post commits the same error in stating too strongly the necessity and infiniteness of grace. There is no either/or here - there is both/and - total and overwhelming grace AND total and overwhelming morality. This is not a "tension" they are both parts of a whole. The are not irreconcilable save in the recesses of our limited minds.

They are reconcilable only in submission tot he Holy Spirit. The "whole that both grace and morality are a part of is supernatural, beyond our frame-of-reference. It is only in submission to the whole, on a completely ununderstandable level that we can begin to even have a hint of truth.
Sometimes we should quit arguing and just submit.

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