Saturday, February 16, 2013


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Sometimes coming up with stuff for this space is not as easy as it seems. I have read a lot of comics in my day, but the characters are not always that memorable. So, I poke around a little and read a list or something somewhere and it triggers a memory and we're off. I am reading this lousy list of "lame DC villains" and it contains Batman baddie "Goldilocks." - Not so good, but it reminded me of one of the most original comic series out there right now - Fables. In Fables, fairy tale characters of old live in a secluded neighborhood in Manhattan and are in exile and at war with other storybook characters. Leads to some interesting recasting.

This book is so successful that it has spin offs, one of which is the adventures of the international, and interdimensional spy - Cinderella. In her latest escapades, Cindy had to battle her opposite number - Fable merc spy Dorothy Gale. That's right, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" singing, sweet, naive Dorothy turned bloodthirsty killer. See how this series gets interesting? Turns out Dorothy thinks that she was sent by the Wizard to be an assassin anyway, so when things go south in the fable lands, she goes south with them.

Cindy, of course, prevails in the battle of the fem fatales turned hardcore action types (Yeah, there is a female pro wrestling aspect to the whole thing. Hot chicks fighting and all.) because the good guy always wins.But I find myself hoping for a return of Dorothy - maybe even a turn as a good guy. Nah check that, as she turns bad she abandons her famous companions, that'll make for the perfect revenge story. Dorothy comes back in her baddie role and, Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow, now highly trained Spec Forces operatives, hunt her down like the dog she is and turn her over to the flying monkeys for her final demise. Come on - you have got to love that.
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