Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Grace That Replicates

iMonk Classic:
When I remember the grace of God in my life, particularly at those moments when no one could rescue me from my sin and foolishness but GOD ALONE, it fires my heart with a hunger for grace in my relationships, actions and heart-motivation. (Thank God he didn’t treat me the way he advises that fools be treated in the book of Proverbs. Praise God for his wonderful inconsistency!)

The question for me today and from now on is “Has grace made me gracious?”
I am struck that there is a big difference between love and grace. Love, at least as defined these days, overlooks sin - grace stares sin in the eye and forgives it. If you read this whole iMonk post, you note the work of grace in his heart. The grace he so deeply felt and appreciated did not allow him to continue in sin - it illustrated his sin to him.

One does not experience true grace unless one is truly in touch with their sinfulness.
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