Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Not My Job

DG quotes Russell Moore:
You need not be intimidated by unbelievers, as though what you need is a more nuanced “worldview” to protect the kingdom of God from their threats. Yes, we engage in apologetic arguments, but those aren’t at the hub of our mission. By talking with unbelievers about arguments against the existence of God or scientific evidence for blind natural selection or whatever, all we’re doing is listening to the defense mechanisms of those who are, as we were, scared of the sound of God’s presence in the garden. We should talk about those things lovingly, but not so we can defend the faith. We engage others only so we can get to the only announcement that assaults the blinding power of the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4).

The gospel is big enough to fight for itself.
Not only is "The gospel is big enough to fight for itself," but it does so in battlegrounds and on levels that we cannot understand. Our salvation does not come merely by our acknowledgement and embrace of a specific set of beliefs. It comes becasue of supernatural work by Christ on the cross and in His resurrection. It comes by the operation of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Sometimes, when we engage in argument, we give someone an opportunity to distract themselves from that stuff. Sometimes we want them to argue with us, when they are wrestling with God. Let them wrestle.
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