Thursday, February 14, 2013


Transformative Habits

Brittian Bullock writes @ Godspace on "10 steps to transformation":
  1. Practice Gratitude.
  2. Find a flesh and blood group of peers who you can dialog with.
  3. Choose one thing to be consistent about, and live it.
  4. Routinely ask yourself “Who am I?”
  5. Read poetry.
  6. Pay attention.
  7. Discover prayer.
  8. Savor everything.
  9. Make it a priority to (re)connect with those who love you.
  10. Love.
Some of that is a little too touchy-feely, naval gazing for me, ("Who am I?") but I really agree with the general idea behind this post. That general idea is make new habits, and hopefully lose some old ones in the process.Not a very popular idea that.

We all hope Christianity is magic, say the magic words and "poof" - there you are. Being a Calvinist, I even believe that to be the case theologically speaking. The issue arises where theology meets daily existence.
God may grant us miracles now and then, but unless we grab the miracle and change based upon it, it vanishes like a mediocre movie.

Moving from "sinner" to "saint" is a lot like moving from smoker to non-smoker - only a whole, whole lot harder. That's why the advice in this list of tackling one thing at a time is a pretty good one - otherwise it is just overwhelming.

In the end it is all about habits - making them and breaking them.
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