Monday, February 11, 2013


Where Science Stops

Jason Summers @ Think Christian:
"Looking for scientific evidence that individuals are (or are not) born with a particular sexual identity does not and cannot address questions about the moral status of a particular sexual identity."

As moral philosopher David Hume famously observed, what is does not determine what ought to be. And, more than that, Christians - who affirm that the world was created by God and that God has ordained the right ordering of things - know that, despite the ongoing effects of sin that ensure that what we observe is not what ought to be, the deepest truth of things remains not what we observe them to be, but what they are created to be. Though we may not see it now, we believe in hope that all things are being brought to perfection through Christ.
As I have said repeatedly on this blog, when science turns to questions other than the ordering and functioning of the observable, it ceases to be science. We have come to confuse scientific methodology with science itself and further we have reduced the attainment of knowledge to only that attained through the use of such methodology.

As a scientist myself, this is a strong temptation - that which I can see and order is that which I can control. If we can control everything then we have in fact achieved a god-like status. But true faith begins by understanding that we are NOT even close to such status.

My question is, why do we have such trouble communicating the superiority of our humble view? My guess is becasue we are not so humble about it.
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