Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Worth It

Mark Daniels:
"...following Jesus is costly. The costs of not following, however, are eternal." (Craig S. Keener)

Putting Christ first in our lives may cost us misunderstandings with friends and the loss of relationships with them over those misunderstandings.

Putting Christ first may mean loss of social acceptability, the loss of jobs or income.

It may, sometimes, even cost us our earthly lives, as many Christians over the past one-hundred years or so have found.
I wonder how many Christians find their faith worth those sorts of costs? Seriously - do we offer people something they are willing to suffer for? Do we work to build disciples that are so motivated they will die for the faith? Certainly not, of course, in the brutish manner of some branches of Islam, but in the manner of Christ.

It seems to me that we attempt to sell the faith of most convenience. We sweat service times and music choices and "felt needs." People leave church in a flash when it becomes uncomfortable.


Well, on thing is for certain, if they do not see a faith worth dying for they are not going to develop it.
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