Monday, March 11, 2013


About Election

John Piper writes very succinctly about the interweaving of free will and election. In the middle of a 5 point argument he says:
Therefore the truth Paul has in mind is not truth that the natural man can see. But the natural man can see a lot of truth. Tens of thousands of truths are open to the natural mind. What truth can the natural man not see? The natural man cannot see the glory of Christ in the gospel.
Truth cannot be researched nor understood - it can only be revealed. And becasue of that fact, we can never be sure that we know the entire story. From this humility should be born.

It has always baffled me that Calvinism, should produce the most humility in its adherents and yet it is so often the opposite. The very idea of election makes us so powerless, so inconsequential in our own salvation that to respond with other than humility is the very definition of sin. What I love about this is that Piper extends our inconsequence not just to our salvation but to our understanding. The pride that Calvinism so often provokes is generally born of its comprehensive and logical nature - it creates an illusion of understanding. But it is just that, illusion. That should drive us humbly to our knees.

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