Friday, March 01, 2013


Identity and God

Ron Edmondson shares some thoughts of his friend Jeff Goins:
I’ve spent too much time trying to prove something to myself instead of living into the reality of my identity.

I’ve labored and toiled, desperately trying to affirm in myself what I hope is true about me. That I’m good enough. That the world needs to hear my message. That what I have to say counts.

I’ve wasted years on this pursue and not spent nearly enough time grasping my identity as a child of God. A son. An heir.

That is a great start - I think it hits right at the heart of the issue, ut then he makes two points that miss the point he made in his opening altogether:
  1. You are not what you do.
  2. What you do comes from who you are.
See where he misses the point - he is still looking for an identity instead of looking at God. Apart from God we have no identity and with od are identity is God.

There is no answer to the search for identity, there is only an end to the search.
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