Thursday, March 21, 2013


"In All Things..."

Many years ago, when I was far younger than today, I was interviewing a person for an important leadership position at a ministry. He was about my age and I asked him to describe his prayer life. He answered, “My life is a prayer.”

 The idea of a life that is prayer sounds great but seems impossible. A part of the mosaic within my brain understands that there is no definitive methodology, but my linear side is completely frustrated by that.

Shaw also writes:

The purpose of living is not to learn to make prayer,
but to become prayer; to live in and for God
according to the divine call, wholly surrendered to
the Spirit’s activity in the soul for the glory of God.


Over time I have come to understand that this struggle to understand is exactly what God wants. My life is prayer only when it is a life of longing for God. The mental sweat that comes from striving to grow spiritually is part of connecting with God’s heart. And God considers it pure joy to meet us in that place.

Or said another way, what we find to be work may well be what God finds to be praise.

God will not be contained in a box in our lives. He is here to consume our lives and He is voracious in His appetites. But that does not mean He is here to turn us into seraphim and cherubim floating around singing His praises. That is why He made them as they are - He made us for something different.

DO you think Adam and Eve, absent the fall, would have stayed in the garden and just pranced about? I don't. They would have labored. They may have labored at something a bit different, but they would have created and been productive for both creativity and productivity are attributes of God. We are in His image.

It's not always WHAT we do that makes us sinners - it is HOW we do what we do.
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