Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Made Fresh

Mark Roberts:
In his revelation to Ezekiel, the Lord uses the unique character of the Dead Sea in order to make a point about the Temple, which lay about 15 miles away from and 3,800 feet higher than the Sea. He describes a miraculous river that flows from the Temple down to the Dead Sea: "These waters go out to the eastern region, flow down the steep slopes, and go into the Dead Sea. When the flowing waters enter the sea, its water becomes fresh" (47:8). Thus, "great schools of fish" thrive in the Dead Sea because of the transformative power of the water from the Temple.

This vision in Ezekiel 47 demonstrates what happens in us when the water of the Holy Spirit flows into our hearts. It touches and transforms every part of us, so that we might be more fully alive and life-giving to others. The dead parts of us are invigorated by God's Spirit, so that we might live more abundantly now, in anticipation of the life that is yet to come.
I am reminded that being a Christian is not merely accepting a set of beliefs. It is not merely an ethical code. It is not merely the miraculous manifestations of the supernatural. It is all of the above and more. It is nothing less than a total remake of ourselves by a power far greater than ourselves.

What I wonder is why we resist it so?
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