Tuesday, April 09, 2013


An Unusual Measure of Mercy

Jon Bloom @ DG:
God is merciful not to tell us everything. He tells us enough to sustain us if we trust him. But often it does not feel like enough. We really think we would like to know more.


God is also a wise Father who knows when knowledge is too heavy for us. He is not being deceptive when he does not give us the full explanation. He is carrying our burdens (1 Peter 5:7). If we think our burdens are heavy, we should see the ones he’s carrying. The burdens he gives to us to carry are light (Matthew 11:30).

God is very patient and merciful with us. Someday, when we are older and stronger, he will let us carry more of the burden of knowledge. But until then let us happily keep letting him carry our burdens.

I hate not knowing - I really hate it. Many is the time in my life I have forced people into saying very ugly things to me when they were trying to save me the hurt, becasue I hate not knowing.

The truth contained in Bloom's words is one of the hardest facts of Christianity that I know of. "I'm there God, but what's the plan? I can make better decisions if I know where we are going. Just let me know, I'll handle it from there." But that is the issue really - we are not supposed to "handle it from there." We are supposed, very much, to do as we are told. We, limited creations that we are, are not capable of understanding the plan. And God, Infinite Creator that He is, is completely trustworthy. And in the end, those two facts are the entire lesson.

The sooner we come to grips with our limited nature, the sooner we can get about trusting God, and finding the contentment He promises.

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