Monday, April 15, 2013


Christ Geeks!?

Maureen Herring at ThinkChristian looks at "Cosplayers":
People who elaborately dress up as comic book, sci-fi or fantasy characters and attend entertainment conventions are used to being called nerds or geeks, but the official term is cosplayer. We usually get glimpses of them when the media covers events such as the recent Comic-Con 2012, but cosplayers occasionally show up at big movie premieres in costume as well.

Robin Rosenberg, a psychologist and writer for Psychology Today, is investigating the psychology behind cosplay. She believes identity play is the most important factor, noting that many cosplayers are passive, shy, introspective people who are able to express greater confidence and communicate more readily when dressed as a strong character.
She then asks:
In the Old Testament there are times when God tells His people or His priests to put on specific articles of clothing, such as sackcloth or robes, to symbolize an attitude or commemorate an event. Putting on these items contributes to the attitude God wants them to take. How many times does Scripture tell us to “put on” intangibles like peace or righteousness, or other character traits? Does the visual of dressing in traits help us own them?
What do you think? Are we supposed to "pretend" to be Christians like I might pretend to be Captain America? I don't think so God does not want us to feel powerful in some assumed identity - he wants us to BE powerful with His help, in our own identity. I think Ms. Herring is falling victim here to an English translation of Hebrew and Greek that has very different connotations than the plain English would imply.

When we put on the characteristics of Christ, it's not pretend - we become more Christlike.
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