Saturday, April 13, 2013


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How have we gone all of this time and missed talking about Marvel uber-villain Sabretooth? Named one of the top 50 baddies of all time, how could this oversight have occurred? What injustice as resulted in us not talking about the baddest of the bad, the meanest of the mean - Sabretooth?

Uh, maybe,just maybe, its because Toothy-boy is a direct rip-off copy cat, wannabe, always loser version of Wolverine, not to mention arch-nemesis of same. In some universes the two characters are brothers, one gone good and one gone bad.

I am sure literary types are going to tell me that tell me that these two characters represent an exploration of the line between good and evil. that two brothers so alike, yet one clearly evil and one clearly good help us to understand the very nature of right and wrong. And yet, it is therein that I find the real problem. Wolverine is "Cool," but I do not like him. That he and Batman represent the pinnacle of comic characters at the moment - two characters bound not by shining brightly as examples of good, as does Superman and as Spider-man used to, but as characters on the edge, dark, and just one slip of the weapon away from murder. Wolverines redemption story does make him far more compelling that the current versions of Batman, but the edge remains the same.

And Sabretooth? Well, Sabretooth is nothing but a foil for Logan to explore that edge to it's finest razor sharpness. I have said many times now that the Bats foil, Joker, is so evil that he should be killed. Bats failure to kill him in my mind is the place where Bats crosses over the edge into evil. To allow evil to stand is to participate in evil. Much the same can be said for Logan's unwillingness to put his animalistic brother down once and for all. These two do not explore the line between good and evil - they obliterate.
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