Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hard To Go Wrong With Chesterton

Church Marketing Sucks draws five lessons on communication from G.K. Chesterton:
  1. Don’t avoid politics.
  2. Embrace controversy.
  3. Stand your ground.
  4. Show a little snark.
  5. Be eccentric.
In a way that sums up current marketing trends. No longer is the idea to sell one to everybody - Now the idea is to develop a core audience, or consumer group, and dip into the same pockets over and over and over again. Somehow, I think that a web site that seems to want to enable the church to use modern communication tools may have forgotten one of the bottom lines of what it means to be the church.
Christ came specifically to break the church out of its core audience (Israel) and spread it to the whole wide world.

Now, that being said, I think it will be a lot of very diverse and very distinctive congregations. Which brings me to the whole "all things to all people" paradigm of Paul. I am not sure, as a megachurch pastor might have you believe, that such is the paradigm for the church local. For Paul, he would travel from locale to local and need to adapt to local custom and ideas. Hence he did have to do that. But local leadership is a different animal that a traveling evangelist.

Sometimes I think we have to know our limitations. Not all of us are called to big ministry - most of us, I would argue, are called to local ministry. Maybe it is time we started to think like it.

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