Monday, April 29, 2013


To Measure is to Control

Charles Stanley writes on "Measuring our Spiritual Growth":
Eight indicators reveal the quality of our Christian journey.
Only eight, huh? Why do I get a mental image of a body builder that worked on his arms and not his legs? It's not a pretty picture!

But snarky comments aside, the real problem I have with such measurements is that measurement is a means of control. Scientists and engineers measure things that they wish to understand well enough to guide and direct. If you want to build a dam, the first thing you di is figure out how much water comes down the river how fast and what the dimensions of the river valley are. In other words, to control a river, you have to measure it.

There is a big difference in being purposeful in our relationship with God, and trying to control it. We must be intent on God but we should never attempt to control what God is doing in our lives. When we measure spiritual growth we are in a fashion deciding where God is going to take us. But God is driving the bus and we are kind of clueless about where we are headed. All we can do is focus, intently, on Him, and hang on.

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