Monday, April 22, 2013


What Constitues A Friend?

Over at Christian Web Trends they did a two-parter attempting to argue that online relationships are "genuine." I am not at all sure why this argument continues. Of course, on line is better than a vacuum, and it is a useful tool for maintaining a relationship. It might even add a new category of relationship in the broad spectrum of relationships. But it ain't "friends" unless there is a whole lot more going on that just on line.
I think people want to cling to on line as a "genuine" form of relationship becasue it keep them from have to do the hard work of real relationship

Real relationship is messy, on line is not. Real relationship involves people contacting you when it is inconvenient and dealing with their crap that you do not want to deal with. Online makes such easy to ignore.

See, real relationship shapes us, it teaches us patience and long-suffering. It teaches us about the importance of the other. That's why you have to do it.

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