Thursday, April 11, 2013


Why Are They So Much More Committed

An interesting statistic from Ed Stetzer:
The Christians are particularly devout: Three out of four Asian-American evangelical Protestants (76%) say they attend church weekly, compared with 64% of U.S. white evangelicals.
Why would Asians be so much more devout than white Americans? Let me throw out one idea.
For them, Christianity is a new thing, not necessarily part of their culture. They must cling to it in a sort of defiance of the expected norm. This same thing could be said about Mormons who are also generally extremely devout and outside the cultural norm.

As we seek to transform our culture to a Godly one, we might want to consider that such is a two-edged sword.

Christianity was born and flourished in counter-point to the culture of Rome. Christianity sunk into a morass until the Reformation and the subsequent breakout to America.
God does not want to change culture. He wants to change us and have culture follow.
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