Tuesday, April 02, 2013


You Betcha!

Todd Rhoades reprints the new Code of Ethics published byt eh National Association of Evangelicals and asks:
Is a code of ethics really necessary for pastors?
I am appalled at the question - seriously. Anybody seen "Elmer Gantry?" And that was intentional. The church is full of unintentional scandal as well.

I honestly think much more than a "code of ethics" is called for. There needs to be accountability mechanisms to that code. Everytime I have worried about some misstep a pastor has done, I have been reminder that "Pastors are sinners too." Which is precisely the point.

I know way too many that have gotten into ministry becasue they thought they were better than the rest of us - which means they are far more prone to sin than the rest of us. If you aks me, a code of ethics is not enough.
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