Saturday, May 11, 2013


Comic Art

Color me bumfuzzled how to even apporach the character of the "The Slug." He's just another fat gangster. Boring really, but the 'ol Slugster seems to be a bit of a presence in the Marvel Universe. I can't joke about him, becasue there is not enough anything there to joke about - he's just a lame villain.

The only thing that makes him slightly interesting is his size - and that I actually find troubling. Marvel Comics has a tendency to equate fat with evil. IN fact, back in the day when one of the New Mutants went all evil she gained a few hundred pounds as a part of the whole turning evil package.

Regular readers of this blog know I fight the battle of the poundage personally - and while never Slug-sized, I was Kingpin sized at one point in me life. It gave me a lot of problems, but it did not make me evil.
I find it troubling in our society that we cannot separate health problems from ethical problems. I don't want to say being obese is a good thing - it's not, but it is not an ethical lapse, it just creates a bunch of health issues.

Come on Marvel, lighten up on the fat=evil thing. How about a fat hero? Maybe even an honest depiction of what it's like to struggle with weight. You've tried in the past, but believe me you have never hit the emotional resonance with the issue like you have with other important things. Give it a shot, I know you can do it.
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